The deluge

Stephen Markley


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“THE BEST READ OF 2023. This is a startling piece of work. It's speculative fiction at its most gripping. It's the best book I have read in a long while. It takes us through the environmental crisis in America over the next 30 years at the macro and micro level. The characters become friends and enemies. It feels as if Jonathan Franzen and Tolstoy have been asked to collaborate to write a Netflix series about global warming and how it affects everyday lives. A must read. I have imported copies from the US and will be thrusting it into all my customers' hands.”
The Deluge
Review by Patrick Neale

In California in 2013, Tony Pietrus, a scientist studying deposits of undersea methane, receives a death threat. His fate will become bound to a stunning cast of characters – a broken drug addict, a star advertising strategist, a neurodivergent mathematician, a cunning eco-terrorist, an actor turned religious zealot and a brazen young activist named Kate Morris, who, in the mountains of Wyoming, begins a project that will alter the course of the decades to come. ‘The Deluge’ is a masterful American epic charting a near future approaching collapse and a nascent but strengthening solidarity.

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