You wouldn’t want to…be in the ancient Greek Olympics

Michael Ford


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You are a young boy in the city-state of Athens at the height of the ancient Greek civilisation. Following several years in one of the city’s schools, your father wants you to prove yourself at the most famous athlete competition of all – the Olympics. This new edition features new content including a timeline, fun facts, a list of top characters and a map.

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Grab your javelin and your discus – it’s time to race in the ancient Greek Olympics!As a young boy in the city-state of Athens, the time has come to prove yourself in ancient Greek society. Following several years in school, your father pushes you to participate in the most famous athletic competition to exist – the Olympics. The training is treacherous, the equipment is excruciating, and the rivalries are rotten. Discover the awe-inspiring origins of the Olympics, what vigorous rules had to be followed, and just how you might go about surviving – or even winning – these ancient games.The You Wouldn’t Want to Be series transports readers to the grisliest times and places in history, perfect for reluctant readers. The first-person narrative approach puts children in the shoes of the some of the unluckiest people ever to have lived.

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