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George the Poet knows better than anybody the importance of reading your surroundings. Born to Ugandan parents on the St Raphael’s Estate in Neasden, north-west London, he began rapping when he was 15. This environment was his teacher and his inspiration: it gave him the language, the experience and the skills to turn his hobby into his career. After five years as a rapper, a change of environment pushed him in another direction and into the world of poetry. With this change he shot to fame and built a worldwide fanbase. But something was missing and he found himself searching for something greater. He ended up focusing on one question: Why? ‘Track Record’ is George the Poet’s engrossing and deeply personal account of his search for purpose.

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**Available to pre-order: The ground-breaking memoir by acclaimed rapper and podcast host, George the Poet**

By telling my story, I’ve laid out my predicament: I’m a Black entertainer on the frontline of the War on Blackness, but it’s not always clear who I’m fighting for.

Born to Ugandan parents on the St Raphael’s Estate in Neasden, north-west London, George has always been an ambitious storyteller. Influenced by his hometown, George started MCing , and eventually found his voice in poetry and with it an avenue for change.

In Track Record: Me, Music, and the War on Blackness, George sheds a light on his upbringing and education, while also breathing life into music as a powerful force – one that has ignited social movements and has the lead to dramatic change. In this deeply personal and thought-provoking book, George looks back at his own education, his time at university, and his beginnings as a musician, and the moments that have shaped him.

As he reflects on his own evolution as an artist, George weaves a story that goes beyond traditional memoir. He dives deep into the complexities of the economy, colonialism, while also diving deep into forgotten moments in history which form the war on blackness. By understanding how structural inequality, and how marginalised communities have been suffocated by social exclusion, George tells a story that is personal and political, highlighting the many injustices facing Black artists today..

Honest, thought-provoking, and lyrical, Track Record is a ground-breaking memoir by one of the talented and gifted voices today

Praise for George the Poet

There’s something special about it: the storytelling is unique, so exciting, so kinetic. Even though it’s in your ears, you feel like you’re walking along with George.’ — Candice Carty-Williams

‘[George’s podcast] blows through the medium’s newly established boundaries, offering an experience as innovative as it is undefinable.’ New Yorker

‘A genre-defying piece of audio that pushes the limits of what a podcast can be.’ New York Times

‘There can’t be many people out there who don’t think George the Poet is a bit of a genius.’ Guardian

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