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Mary has raised a family in this house. Watched her children play and laugh and bicker in this house. Today she is getting married in this house, with all her family in attendance. The wedding celebrations have brought fractured family together for the first time in years: there’s Phoebe and her husband Michael, children in tow. The young and sensitive Rosie, with her new partner. Irene, Mary’s ex-mother-in-law. Even Emma, Mary’s eldest, is back for the wedding – despite being at odds with everyone else. Set over the course of an English summer’s day but punctuated with memories from the past forty years of love and loss, hope and joy, heartbreak and grief, this is the story of a family. Told by a chorus of characters, it is an exploration of the small moments that bring us to where we are, the changes that are brought about by time, and what, despite everything, stays the same.

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A smart yet tender page-turner’ ERIN KELLY
‘A multi-layered family drama that sings with emotion’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

Mary has raised a family in this house. She’s watched her daughters play and laugh and bicker in its rooms. And now, on a late summer’s day, she’s getting married here . . . and has summoned her fractured family to celebrate.

In the place that’s been a sanctuary for some and a battleground for others, the long-awaited reunion unfolds. But as each guest’s memories, secrets and tensions rise to the surface, can the festivities help mend broken bonds and heal bruised hearts, or are some things impossible to forgive – even when it’s family?

‘Immersive and beautifully written’ RED
‘Intriguing, gripping, moving’ MARIAN KEYES
‘Unfolds like a great piece of theatre’ BOBBY PALMER
‘Beautifully rendered’ DAILY EXPRESS
‘Absorbing and unexpected’ REBECCA WAIT
‘Guaranteed to keep you on your tiptoes’ METRO
‘A warmly emotional read’ DAILY MAIL

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