The secret of the moonshard

Struan Murray


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Domino is an eleven-year-old girl with a strange affliction: if she goes anywhere near magic, it will kill her. All her life she’s been trapped in a floating laboratory, safe from magic but not from the cruel children and the crueler Science Barons who live there. Domino believes the Barons are trying to invent a cure for her magic allergy, but when a mysterious wizard arrives and unleashes total chaos, she discovers that everything she’s been told is a lie. Domino escapes to the wondrous city of Abzalaymon, its streets filled with marvels she’s never seen, from automobiles to televisions to hulking thunder lizards. But the Science Barons are on her trail, and Domino must brave a hidden realm of magic if she is to defeat their sinister plot, and uncover a secret that might just save the world: the Secret of the Moonshard.

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‘Sensational storytelling’ – AF Steadman, author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief.

The thrilling new magical adventure from Branford Boase winner Struan Murray.

Domino has lived her whole life believing that just one drop of magic could kill her.

Held in a floating laboratory by scheming Science Barons, she has never known a single day of freedom.

When Domino discovers that everything she’s been told by the Barons is a lie, she escapes to Abzalaymon, a wondrous city filled with scientific marvels, hulking thunder lizards and hidden magic.

But the Barons are soon on Domino’s trail. Because a war is brewing between science and magic. A war that could destroy the world. And Domino might just be the key to saving everyone . . .

‘This is a perfect fantasy adventure’ – Katya Balen, author of October, October.

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