The rage of the Sea Witch

Roland Chambers


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Abandoned for the summer holidays in the Charles Darwin Museum, Billy must restore a stolen walrus ivory necklace to its rightful owner. But how, when it was taken over two thousand years ago? Who or what is Sedna, the terrible sea witch of Inuit legend? And what is a shaman anyway? Billy is about to find out!

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A new adventure series about the pivotal moments of discovery through the ages, bringing the past to life with a generous helping of fantasy, humour and delightful, black and white illustrations.Shaman by name and shaman by nature – Billy just hasn’t found his magic … yet. His selfish, globetrotting parents abandon him for yet another summer in Charles Darwin’s strange, museum-like house, where Billy stumbles across a 200-year-old giant talking tortoise named Charles Darwin, by the famous man himself. Charles D, the tortoise, knows every inch of the house and every artefact in it, and he’s keen to help Billy realise his powers and set him on the path to adventure.A beautifully carved Inuit ivory necklace is the first object that whisks him back in time to the shrieking chaos of an Arctic blizzard to meet its rightful owner, a girl called Ahnah, her shape-shifting grandmother and the mysterious explorer Pytheas.

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