The immune mind

Monty Lyman


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Delving into the recent discovery of the brain’s immune system, Dr Monty Lyman reveals the extraordinary implications for our physical and mental health.

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‘Superbly written with excellent insights… One of the best non-fiction books I’ve read!’ Dr Rupy Aujla, author of The Doctor’s Kitchen

‘Fascinating… A thoroughly thought-provoking read’ Dame Sarah Gilbert, author of Vaxxers

You’ve heard that a healthy body means a healthy mind – but why? What exactly is going on in our immune system?

Delving into the discovery of new anatomy in the brain, Dr Monty Lyman reveals the extraordinary implications for our physical and mental health.

Could inflammation cause depression, and arthritis drugs cure it?

Can gut microbes shape your behaviour through the vagus nerve?

Can something as simple as brushing your teeth properly reduce your risk of dementia?

Until a decade ago, we misunderstood a fundamental aspect of human health. Although the brain and the body have always been viewed as separate entities – treated in separate hospitals – science now shows that they are intimately linked. Startlingly, we now know that our immune system is in constant communication with our brain and can directly alter our mental health. This has opened up a new frontier in medicine.

In The Immune Mind, Dr Monty Lyman explores the fascinating connection between the mind, immune system and microbiome, offering practical advice on how to stay healthy. A specialist in the cutting-edge field of immunopsychiatry, Lyman argues that we need to change the way we treat disease and the way we see ourselves.

For the first time, we have a new approach to medicine that treats the whole human being.

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