The doloriad

Missouri Williams


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In the wake of an environmental cataclysm that has wiped out the rest of humankind, the Matriarch, her brother, and the family descended from their incest, cling to existence on the edges of a ruined city. The Matriarch, ruling with fear and force, dreams of starting humanity over. For entertainment, they watch old VHS tapes of a TV show called ‘Get Aquinas in Here’. One day the Matriarch dreams of another group of survivors, and sends away one of her daughters, the legless Dolores, as a marriage offering. When Dolores returns a few days later, her reappearance triggers the breakdown of Matriarch’s fragile order. As the children seize their chance to escape, the world of the television saint Aquinas and that of the family begin to melt together with terrible consequences.

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‘A brilliant, unsettling, gothic take on a Greek tragedy.’ – i-D. ‘Gothic, strange, provocative, but also incredibly moving and absolutely unforgettable, a powerful debut from a truly original new voice.’ – Cosmopolitan. ‘Bizarre and strangely beautiful . . . Williams’s lyrical, visceral prose brilliantly sustains her nightmarish vision . . . bold and demented.’ – Publishers Weekly. ‘[A] grim and strange, but utterly unique, literary and gothic debut . . . This is a gripping look at humanity’s treatment of women and questions whether human survival at all costs is worth it.’ – Booklist. ‘Williams compiles her images in breathless, smothering drifts that mimic both the oppressive landscape and the gauzy unreliability of the main characters’ perceptions with virtuosic intensity . . . Williams’ linguistic project is akin to the early work of Cormac McCarthy.’ – Kirkus. In the wake of a mysterious environmental cataclysm that has wiped out the rest of humankind, the Matriarch, her brother

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