The bridegroom was a dog

Yoko Tawada


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A schoolteacher her students the fable of a princess who promises her hand in marriage to a dog she is intimate with. That very dog appears to the schoolteacher in real life as a doglike man. A romantic – and sexual – courtship develops, much to the chagrin of her friends, who have suspicions about the man’s identity and motives.

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A tale of passion and romance between a Japanese schoolteacher and a doglike man, from the prize-winning author of The Last Children of TokyoMitsuko, a schoolteacher at the Kitamura school, inspires both rumour and curiosity in the parents of her students because of her unconventional manner – not least when she tells the children the fable of a princess whose hand in marriage is promised to a dog she is intimate with. And when a young man with sharp canine teeth turns up at the schoolteacher’s home and declares he’s ‘here to stay’, the romantic – and sexual – relationship that develops intrigues the community, some of whom have suspicions about the man’s identity and motives.Masterfully turning the rules of folklore and fable on their head, The Bridegroom Was a Dog is a disarming and unforgettable modern classic.

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