Some Damn Fool’s Signed the Rubens Again

Norman Thelwell


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Thelwell’s collection of more than 90 hilarious and sharply observed cartoons chronicling Britain’s stately homes and the class system. First published in 1982, the humour remains timeless.

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The artist Norman Thelwell (1923-2004) was famous for his horse and pony cartoons, but his work was far more wide ranging. He focused his exceptional talent and humour on many diverse subjects, with his witty and wry observations providing amusement and sharp social comment.Some Damn Fool’s Signed the Rubens Again is Thelwell’s look at life in Britain’s stately homes, and what happens when they are opened to the public. Here are the castles, country estates, and the quirks of the British class system all depicted in the artist’s inimitable style.When an ancestral home is crumbling, or an aristocratic family is debt-ridden, the solution calls for drastic action. It is time to welcome in the paying public. Thelwell’s cartoons capture the comic situations that result when the noble residents come face to face with the curious visitors. See the duke in his tower preparing to repel the coachloads with boiling oil; a ghost train in the family vault; toddlers wrecking treasured heirlooms; and animals in the safari park watching the hilarious human spectacle unfold.

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