Let’s Talk Lymphoedema: The Essential Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Peter Mortimer


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‘Let’s Talk Lymphoedema’ is a friendly, informative guide that uses expert texts and photography to help sufferers deals with its debilitating and lifelong effects, providing information and inspiration to help them lead rich, vibrant lives.

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Lymphoedema results from a failure of the lymphatic system, causing swelling and fluid retention; it can also cause aching, heaviness and difficulty moving. Research shows that around 140 million people worldwide may be living with lymphoedema, and it affects approximately one in five women after breast cancer treatment. There is no cure for the disease, but there are ways to control the symptoms.
Let’s Talk Lymphoedema has been written to help sufferers deal with its debilitating effects, providing information and inspiration to help them lead rich, vibrant lives. It features contributions from international experts and personalities such as Miriam Stoppard, and the actress Kathy Bates, who herself suffers from the condition.
Including essential medical information (immune system and infection; microsurgery; obesity; podiatry); treatment advice (compression garments; physiotherapy; exercises); and day-to-day support (psychology, sexuality and others’ perceptions), this is an essential read for sufferers, friends, family and medical professionals alike.

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