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Louise Forshaw


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When Hoof spots an advert for BAD UNITED he can’t wait to sign up! A chance to play his beloved football with a team of equally enthusiastic creatures. BAD UNITED combine strength, skill, speed and stench to show everyone what they’ve got?

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All Hoof the Unicorn wants to do is be part of a football team but his club never appreciated his talents and kicked him out. Then he spots an advert for BAD UNITED and he feels a tingling in his hooves. A chance to be part of a team again! A chance to play the game he loves! And a chance to show off his skills?

Hoof is thrilled to find his new teammates are more than up for the challenge. Led by enthusiastic mermaid coach Serena Winmer, the team consists of: Bones, their skeleton captain who sometimes struggles to keep her head; Rex, the ROARsome dinosaur defender; cheetah striker Bolt brings the thunder; Tinkerball dazzles with her magic fairy moves and Annette guards the goal with her life (and eight spider legs). All deemed “not good enough” to play for their teams (who decides what’s “good” anyway?!), BAD UNITED combine strength, skill, speed and stench to show everyone what they’ve got?

The first book in a super and silly graphic novel series, perfect for fans of The Bad Guys and The Nothing to See Here Hotel.

“This funny, text-light story has an uplifting message about inclusivity and how loving a sport is more important than being the best” – The Bookseller

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