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Writing with refreshing passion, and with her own personal story at its heart, Alice Farnham sets out to explore what it means to be a conductor in modern times. Uniquely, she draws on a wealth of insights from fellow conductors, each with their own perspectives and specialisms – from luminaries such as Antonio Pappano and Jane Glover, to a new generation making their own distinctive mark on the profession. This is not a guide on how to conduct: for music lovers and music makers, not least aspiring conductors, it’s a frank, fascinating portrait of what conducting really entails today. Beyond that, it’s a book about leadership, full of timely sentiment on who gets to lead, and what it takes to unite and inspire people.

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‘Will fascinate and enthrall anyone interested in music.’ Stephen Fry

Who dreams of becoming a conductor?

What does it take to get there and stay in the game?

In Good Hands: The Making of a Modern Conductor invites us to think anew about one of the signature roles in classical music.

In a frank, fascinating portrait, Alice Farnham, one of Britain’s leading conductors, explores what modern conducting really entails, and what it takes to lead, unite and inspire people.

‘Takes readers behind the scenes of the eccentric world of classical music.’ Guardian

‘Conducting, Alice Farnham writes, is an “elusive art”. Her book, part memoir and part study of the craft, pins it down . . . Accessible [and] engaging.’ Matthew Giley, New Statesman

‘Alice Farnham’s enchanting blend of insight, experience, musical understanding, sparkling good sense and intelligence brings alive and demystifies what it is to be a conductor.’ Stephen Fry

‘Alice Farnham’s insightful book is an inspirational tool.’ Cate Blanchett

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