Finding Earth, Finding Soul: The Invisible Path to Authentic Leadership

Tim Macartney


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An inspiring story of one man’s response to the call for leadership in a time of ecological crisis

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Finding Earth, Finding Soul is the story of one man’s search for meaning and purpose in a society that is captivated by values and beliefs that are assaulting the Earthìs lifesystems and collapsing society in upon itself. Tim Macartney intertwines several themes ñ the quest for meaning and purpose, organisation leadership, nature, conformity, and the role of ordinary women and men in seeking and securing a future that will serve our children well. Finding Earth, Finding Soul vividly asserts the power of imagination, the joy of walking our own way, and the profound intimacy of finding relationship with others, and with life. It demonstrates how pain, loneliness, and some measure of suffering can become doorways to courageous acts that have the potential to illuminate our lives. It tells how Tim Macartney, starting as a gardener in a management training centre, went on to become Head of Consultancy there within three years, and then started a ëpeople and organisation developmentì company, working with the chairmen of multinationals. His inspirational approach to leadership development resulted in him being given a 50-acre Devonshire smallholding by an appreciative client to develop his vision

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