Dear Reader

Paul Fournel


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Meet Robert Dubois. Cheek resting on a pile of manuscripts, he is the ageing and perhaps too comfortable publisher of Robert Dubois Books, alone one evening in his office. In walks a pretty intern with an ereader. For a man who thought he had seen it all, this is a revolution. Can text really live without paper? As Dubois gets to know his new gadget and carries on with his publisher’s life, author lunches and bookshops visits, the reader tucked under his arm tells him of the new paperless world to which he might not belong. But don’t be fooled, Dubois hasn’t given up. Late at night, he secretly plots new forms of literature with a group of interns, with whom he shares his immoderate and timeless love of books and reading.

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There’s a lot of good to be said about publishing, mainly about the food. The books, though – Robert Dubois feels as if he’s read the books, but still they keep coming back to him, the same old books just by new authors. Maybe he’s ready to settle into the end of his career, like it’s a tipsy afternoon after a working lunch. But then he is confronted with a gift: a piece of technology, a gizmo, a reader… 
Dear Reader takes a wry, affectionate look at the world of publishing, books and authors, and is a very funny, moving story about the passing of the old and the excitement of the new.

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