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The rich and diverse flavours of Nepal have often been overshadowed by the noise of cuisines from neighbouring countries, India and China. Popular chef and MasterChef: The Professionals finalist, Santosh Shah, is here to set the record straight and put Nepali cuisine firmly on the map with his first cookbook, ‘Ayla’. Featuring 60 flavoursome recipes, home cooks can experience Nepali and Himalayan cuisine in their own kitchens, with dishes inspired by the produce of Nepal’s rivers and mountains.

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Celebrate the fresh flavours of Nepal with this riveting recipe book brought to you by MasterChef: The Professionals finalist, Santosh Shah.

New to Nepali cuisine? Not to worry, DK has got you covered! Introducing Ayla – a true exploration and celebration of Nepali cuisine suitable for beginners and experienced cooks alike.

The rich and diverse flavours that Nepal has to offer have often been overshadowed by the cuisines from neighbouring countries – but popular chef and MasterChef: The Professionals finalist, Santosh Shah is on a mission to change that with his first cookbook, Ayla.

With the aim of firmly putting Nepali cuisine on the map, Santosh Shah brings you:

-More than 60 mouth-watering recipes encompassing the vibrant flavours of Nepal
-Beautiful travel and food photography to accompany the easy-to-follow recipes
-Accessible cooking methods suitable for both beginners and experienced cooks

With Ayla, Santosh Shah helps you to create a plethora of flavour-packed dishes, inspired by the produce of Nepal’s beautiful rivers, hills, and mountains, in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Coupled with anecdotal stories from Santosh’s personal experiences in the beautiful country of Nepal, he shares the history and traditions of his favourite ingredients and dishes, from mouth-watering chicken momos to comforting vegetarian curries. Explore much-loved classic recipes alongside a diverse range of innovative dishes to broaden your palate, embrace culinary challenges, and discover new flavours to redefine Nepali cuisine as you know it!

With an extensive following reach on both Instagram and Youtube, it’s no wonder Santosh Shah is such a greatly celebrated chef, having worked in some renowned restaurants, including the ever-popular Dishoom, Michelin-starred Benares, and Vivek Singh’s Cinnamon Kitchen.

Ayla is a must-have cookbook for individuals who want to explore this incredibly vibrant diet, but don’t know where to begin. Adopting a gentle introduction to cooking, you can explore a wide variety of new recipes and expand your culinary repertoire with the ever-growing and exuberant style of Nepali cuisine.

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