The Sports Gene: Talent, Practice and the Truth About Success

David Epstein


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Is Usain Bolt a genetic one-off? Could we all beat Bradley Wiggins if we trained hard enough? To what extent is our ability on the sports field dictated by our genes? In this controversial and engaging exploration of athletic success, Sports Illustrated writer David Epstein tackles the great nature vs. nurture debate and traces how far science has come in solving this great riddle.

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‘A wonderful book. Thoughtful?fascinating’ Malcolm Gladwell

Do you believe some people are born athletes?

Is sporting talent innate or something that can be achieved through endurance and practise?

In this ground-breaking and entertaining exploration of athletic success, award-winning writer David Epstein gets to the heart of the great nature vs. nurture debate, and explodes myths about how and why humans excel.

Along the way, Epstein:

– Exposes the flaws in the so-called 10,000-hour rule that states that rigorous practice from a young age is the only route to success.

– Shows why some skills that we imagine are innate are not – like the bullet-fast reactions of a baseball player.

– Uncovers why other characteristics that we assume are entirely voluntary, like the motivation to practice, might in fact have important genetic components.

Throughout, The Sports Gene forces us to rethink the very nature of success.

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