The Trouble With Women


The trouble with women is that for centuries they have done nothing at all worth mentioning. Not one tiny solitary thing. This is probably because, as the celebrated male genius Charles Darwin attested, their brains are far smaller than those of men. But the problem isn’t just their tiny brains. As John Ruskin, another celebrated male genius, famously pointed out, what little intellect they do have is best used in praise, not invention or creation. 1066 and all that quite rightly omits women altogether, as they have done nothing of note in history. This book puts the women back in, but only in their proper place, of course – behind curtains, trussed up in corsets, kneeling in subservience. It offers a timely, witty reminder that women haven’t done that much, ever, particularly in comparison to all those male geniuses we learnt about in school.

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Can women be geniuses? Or are their arms too short?
Why did we only learn about three women at school? What were all the others doing?

‘Brilliantly, mordantly funny and extremely clever? There isn’t a man, woman or child who wouldn’t benefit from spending time with this.’ India Knight

The Trouble With Women does for girls what 1066 and All That did for boys: it reminds us of what we were taught about women in history lessons at school, which is to say, not a lot. A brilliantly witty book of cartoons, it reveals some of our greatest thinkers’ baffling theories about women. We learn that even Charles Darwin, long celebrated for his open, objective scientific mind, believed that women would never achieve anything important, because of their smaller brains.

Get ready to laugh, wince and rescue forgotten women from the ‘dustbin of history’, whilst keeping a close eye out for tell-tale ‘genius hair’. You will never look at history in the same way again.

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