The Consequences of Love


When Gavanndra Hodge was seven years old her world was a precarious place. Her father was a hairdresser and drug dealer to Chelsea’s most decadent inhabitants and her mother an alcoholic ex-model. It was up to Gavanndra to ensure that the cigarettes smouldering between the fingers of the aristocratic junkies passed out in her sitting room were extinguished so that she and her little sister Candy could sleep safely in their beds. But when Candy dies suddenly on holiday aged nine, Gavanndra’s family, already so fragile and damaged, implodes, and a teenage Gavanndra is left to rebuild her universe, piece by piece. And she does. The life she cultivates is a long way away from the chaos of her past. She becomes a mother, and works hard to give her own children the sort of secure and ordered childhood that she never had. But there is somebody missing in the happy ending she has created for herself.




Can you ever rediscover the forgotten memories of someone you lost? Discover the highly anticipated, remarkable and fearless, The Consequences of Love.

‘Looks at the power of love and loss in shaping one’s life. Moving and beautifully written’ Grazia

‘Beautifully-written, calm-but-utterly-compelling life-story of trauma and healing… the author seems lovely and I want to be her pal!’
Marian Keyes

Seven-year-old Gavanndra Hodge’s life is a precarious place. Her father is a hairdresser and drug dealer to Chelsea’s most decadent inhabitants; her mother an alcoholic ex-model. So, it is up to Gavanndra to keep her little sister Candy safe.

But when Candy dies suddenly on holiday aged nine, Gavanndra’s family, already so fragile and damaged, implodes.

Now a mother herself, and with only memories of Candy’s awful final moments, Gavanndra embarks on a journey to write her way back to the little girl whose death tore her family apart.

The Consequences of Love is a story of loss and recovery, trauma and memory. It is a joyous and compelling account of the strength of the love between sisters and how nothing is ever truly lost if we are brave enough to return to where we began.

‘Unflinchingly honest . . . everyone should read it’
The Sunday Times

‘A wonderful and transformative memoir about the impact of loss and the power of love; and one that illustrates how it is never too late to tackle suppressed grief’ Julia Samuel, author of the Sunday Times bestseller This Too Shall Pass: Stories of Change, Crisis and Hopeful Beginnings

I read this in one sitting, tears splashing onto its pages. A beautiful book about grief, losing a sibling, trauma, drugs, parenting & memory in the most exquisite way. Please everyone read it’ Emma Gannon, podcaster, author of Olive and founder of The Hyphen Book Club

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