What do lace makers share with vascular surgeons? Savile Row tailors with molecular scientists? Jazz musicians with fighter pilots? Seemingly they have little in common, other than being skilled at what they do. But Roger Kneebone, an expert on experts, has spent his life finding points of connection. As he shows, while the outcome may be very different, the journey to becoming expert is always the same. In this book, Kneebone combines cutting-edge research, including his own work with extraordinary experts, with traditions from the medievalguilds. He revals with colour and panache the symbiotic system that creates and sustains experts, whatever their field.

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‘Roger Kneebone is a legend’ Mark Miodownik, author of Stuff Matters

‘Fascinating and inspiring’ Financial Times

‘The pandemic has made the necessity of relying on experts evident to all . . . this is a rich exploration of lifelong learning’ Guardian

What could a lacemaker have in common with vascular surgeons? A Savile Row tailor with molecular scientists? A fighter pilot with jazz musicians? At first glance, very little. But Roger Kneebone is the expert on experts, having spent a lifetime finding the connections.

In Expert, he combines his own experiences as a doctor with insights from extraordinary people and cutting-edge research to map out the path we’re all following – from ‘doing time’ as an Apprentice, to developing your ‘voice’ and taking on responsibility as a Journeyman, to finally becoming a Master and passing on your skills. As Kneebone shows, although each outcome is different, the journey is always the same.

Whether you’re developing a new career, studying a language, learning a musical instrument or simply becoming the person you want to be, this ground-breaking book reveals the path to mastery.

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