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An Evening With Ruby Wax: Wednesday 13th January

Feeling stressed? Thankfully, we’ve got the solution; very soon, Ruby Wax will be here to talk about her work, as well as her latest book, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled. In it, Ruby explores her new, more accessible theory of mindfulness, and how it doesn’t necessarily need to be hard work in order to be rewarding.


Ruby, who has numerous qualifications in psychology, counselling and cognitive therapy, has long been on the mindfulness scene, having written another book, Sane New World, back in 2013.

The event will take place in St Mary’s Church here in Chipping Norton at 6:30 on Wednesday 13th January. Tickets are £8, and are currently available in the shop.

2 thoughts on “An Evening With Ruby Wax: Wednesday 13th January

  1. Despite some rather wet moments we were able to enjoy J&N in a tent with an amazing team and visits from some of our favourite authors! Where did you get this information?

  2. Hi. Could I book two tickets for this event please. I can pop in on Monday or pay over the phone. Karen Biles and Tessa Biles. Many Thanks

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