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Lunch with David Mitchell

david mitchell 021As we all sat there expectantly, each imagining the genius behind Cloud Atlas and Black Swan Green, nothing could prepare us for the compelling and engaging character of David Mitchell. Far from the stereotypical absent author persona, Mitchell greeted us as friends and very much spoke to us as if we had been reunited after years apart. Sitting in his arm chair, drinking tea and flickers of a whole literary world unfolding in his imagination I was amazed by his passion to share his love of books and the everyday joy that reading can bring.

david mitchell 026His new book, The Bone Clocks, is yet another imaginative and challenging tale that is not restrained by worlds or by genres; a brilliant blend of hard-hitting political writing, fantasy and the journey that is human existence. This book is apart of the ‘Mitchell World’ with the clever, and perfect fit, of Hugo Lamb, seen in Black Swan Green, reappearing and new characters that have a depth that will inevitably  draw you in. david mitchell 022

Whether you have read a book by such an acclaimed author before this book exceeds expectations.


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  1. So lovely to see Jaffe and Neale on the news tonight. I am also so sorry to have missed David Mitchell – love his writing. For the first World book Night I got 30 copies of his Cloud Atlas to give away in West Oxfordshire! I’d read it so it was like sharing good news.

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