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Choosing your next read

So you’ve come to the end of a great book, and you’re looking for something to read next. How do you choose? There are so many titles being released every month, it’s hard to know where to start. Here is our advice on where to start:

1. Read more by the same author.

There’s nothing better than discovering a great book by an author you’ve not heard of before, and discovering a huge back catalogue of titles! Even if the book you’ve read isn’t part of a series, most authors stick to the same style of writing, so you know what to expect.

2. Look for something else in the same genre.

Labels can be restrictive, but they’re a useful starting point when you’re looking for something new. Think about the books you already like: are they procedural crime? Thriller? Romance? Biography? Then browse the bookshelves in that section and see what jumps out.

3. Swap with a friend.

Take a gamble and pass your favourite book to a friend, asking for a pot luck read in return. It’s always interesting to see the books others recommend for us, and even if the cover doesn’t take your fancy, you might enjoy it!

4. Ask the internet.

Whether you chat on Twitter or Facebook, or like to read the book reviews in the newspapers, there are thousands of readers on the internet. Ask for suggestions, or lurk in the shadows and see what other people are talking about.

5. Check out the shortlists. And the long ones.

Lists in general are a great place to start when you’re looking for new reads. Check out the Costa Book Awards website, where you can see all previous winners, or the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction.  Alternatively, World Book Night titles are chosen with the specific purpose of getting people reading, so they tend to be accessible and exciting.

6. Ask your independent bookseller

A good bookseller isn’t just there to work the till – if that were the case you may as well shop online. The great thing about independent booksellers is that we’ve actually read the books we sell, and we each have our favourites! You can mooch into Jaffé & Neale and waffle to us about the books you’ve liked in the past, the ones that left you cold, and what your reading habits are. As if by magic, we’ll recommend a book we think you’ll love.

We post regular book reviews on our blog, so bookmark the page or subscribe to receive updates via email, and maybe our next recommendation will be right up your street.

How do you choose your books?

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