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Patrick recommends: November 2013

Signed copy of the Goldfinch, by Donna TarttThe Goldfinch, Donna Tartt   (Little, Brown, £20.00)

Theo Decker is going to become a great Character in twenty first century literature. Donna Tartt’s eagerly anticipated third book in three decades does not disappoint. It’s a thumping good read. It tells the story of a boy who loses a mother but gains a priceless painting when he is witness to a terrotist bombing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All 700 pages scream “read me”.   This without doubt should knock Dan Brown aside as the best seller of 2013

To the Letter, a Journey Through a Vanishing World, Simon Garfield  (Canongate, £17.99)

Simon Garfield’s books are always hard to categorise, which is frustrating for big chains and his publisher. But they are always riveting, entertaining and a joy to possess. “To the Letter” is no exception. Garfield takes us on a wonderful historical tour of letters and letter writing. He captures the essence of what is about to disappear from the noise a letter makes as it comes through our letter box to some of the most powerful and poignant letter ever written.

Three Brothers, Peter Ackroyd (Vintage, £12.99)

Peter Ackroyd has written a riveting tale set in 1960s London. On the surface this is an ordinary story of three very different brothers making their way in in the world’s most fascinating city. But there’s a shroud of the supernatural hanging over these boys which makes Peter Ackroyd’s novels so distinctive and unique


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