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An evening with Comedian Robin Ince: I’m a Joke and So Are You

Join us on Wednesday 31st October at 6.30pm for an evening with comedian Robin Ince who will be discussing his latest book, I’m a Joke and So Are You.

What better way to understand ourselves than through the eyes of comedians – those who professionally examine our quirks on stage daily? In this touching and witty book, award-winning presenter and comic Robin Ince uses the life of the stand-up as a way of exploring some of the biggest questions we all face. Where does anxiety come from? How do we overcome imposter syndrome? What is the key to creativity? How can we deal with grief?

Informed by personal insights from Robin as well as interviews with some of the world’s top comedians, neuroscientists and psychologists, this is a hilarious and often moving primer to the mind. But it is also a powerful call to embrace the full breadth of our inner experience – no matter how strange we worry it may be!

Doors: 6.15pm

Robin Ince: 6.30pm

Book signing: 7.30pm

Tickets are £4, redeemable against the purchase of I’m a Joke and So Are You. Tickets are available to purchase in store or online here.

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