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For the Love of the Lido: Our pick of the best summer swimming reads

Here at Jaffé & Neale in Chipping Norton, we’re really lucky to have access to our local open air Lido. The pool has been run by local people as a charity since 2004 and describes itself as a ‘pool with a social conscience’, relying on the generous support of the public to maintain this treasured facility.

To help out, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite swim and water themed books – great for summer reading. Purchase any of these titles from our Chipping Norton or Stow shops and we will donate 20% to the Lido.

Dive in to a great book this summer!


The Lido by Libby Page, £12.99 The Lido is an uplifting novel about the importance of friendship, the value of community, and how ordinary people have to power to protect the things they love.


Haunts of the Black Masseur by Charles Sprawson, £9.99.
This cult swimming classic pays sparkling tribute to water and the cultural meanings we attach to it.


I Found My Tribe by Ruth Fitzmaurice, £8.99
An invitation to all of us to love as hard as we can and live life even harder.


The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming by Tessa Wardley, £8.99
Wardley reveals how wild swimming can be the ultimate Zen meditation.


The Big Book of The Blue by Yuval Zommer, £12.95
Chatty, funny and full of amazing facts, it will be devoured by children eager to find out about the most exciting creatures from the deep blue.


Waterlog by Roger Deakin, £9.99
A personal journey and an unforgettable celebration of the magic of water.


Watermarks: Writing by Lido Lovers and Wild Swimmers, £7.99
New poetry, short fiction and life-writing from those who find inspiration in lidos, lakes, rivers and oceans.


Tropical Terry by Jarvis £6.99
A heart-warming comedy of self-esteem; a story about learning to love your own scales & take pride in what makes you different.





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