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Patrick recommends: October 2013

Under a Mackerel Sky, Rick Stein.

Rick Stein has had no ordinary life. More importantly he writes beautifully.  I expect this book to sell more copies than Nigel Slater’s “Toast” (285,000 copies). He copes with the death of his Bipolar father by escaping to Australia and returns to open a Padstow  night club where his plans for  sophistication  are drowned by the well paid and well oiled fishermen. This is not a celebrity memoir . It’s the lyrical and poignant  story of a man who has trawled the depths and reached beyond.

Under a Mackerel Sky, Rick Stein. Ebury, £20.00


Expo 58, Jonathan Coe.

Jonathan Coe Never disappoints and “Expo 58” is another brilliant  beautiful literary romp.  A naïve and ambitious civil servant ,Thomas Foley, is plucked to oversee the British offering at The Belgium World Expo. His only qualification is his father was a publican. He certainly is not ready or equipped to deal with coming together of Russians , Americans and so many beautiful woman so soon after the Second World War. This is a fabulous farce that captures a forgotten moment in history when the modern and Europe’s memories collide.

Expo 58, Jonathan Coe. Viking Press, £16.99


The Broken Road, from the Iron Gates to Mount Athos

This is one of the most eagerly anticipated books in publishing. It is the third volume of Patrick Leigh Fermor’s  amazing  journey across Europe on foot. If that wasn’t enough it has been edited by Artemis Cooper , Fermor’s  brilliant biographer, and Colin Thubron , the master travel writer.

The Broken Road, from the Iron Gates to Mount Athos, Patrick Leigh Fermor. John Murray, £25.00

Broken Road

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